aHAND4 Life! - Policy, Pledge & Promise!


aHAND4 Life!'s Pledge & Promise!

For and with our VIP!s and their Special Needs and INDEPENDENCE, and each VIP!'s Stakeholders, and the supporting Public and our Suppliers, WE WILL:

PP1. focus to increase their INDEPENDENCE ("Life, Liberty & pursuit of Happiness"!);+
PP2. work diligently to understand demanding NEEDS and Serve/Support their Life Plan!;+
PP3. invest aggressively to provide capable People, Facilities, Technology, Quality & Compliance!;+
PP4. work diligently to assure Service & Supports leverage Innovative approaches!;+
PP5. work diligently to provide HIGH Timeliness, Cost-Efficiency & Effectiveness!;+
PP6. work diligently to assure all the above, "Best-in-Class", "Beyond the Standards"!;+
PP7. diligently provide "Best-in-Class" THINGS! to Needs of VIP! Members, of significant financial need;+
PP8. FOCUS & WORK TOGETHER - "the Need is GREAT!", so we may all grow & succeed thereby!