aH4L! - Focus!


aHAND4 ® Life!'s is formed and operated to PRIMARILY serve People with a qualified chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development (PCSPDD) - our "VIP!s.

#1 FOCUS - VIP! Members

As first a US 501c3 "tax-exempt" Public Charity, we will remain at all times compliant with IRS requirements for a US Public Charity (501c3, "tax-exempt").

We take care to deliver hard-earned, valued Donations of the Public for Services & Things! ONLY to charitably-qualified beneficiaries - who's demonstrated, significant physical need is matched by their demonstrated significant financial need. So, as our Resources permit, we serve as "Members", "VIP!s. who are further qualified by their low-Income and low Networth (and approved Membership Agreement). These are defined "Primary Beneificiaries" of our "Public Charity" (501c3) efforts.

As our Resources permit, we also serve as "Secondary Beneficiaries" of our Public Charity efforts, other "Members" who DO NOT meet "VIP! disability" requirements, BUT DO meet the low Income/Networth financial requirements, BUT ARE INTEGRALLY INVOLVED in the daily/weekly care of a VIP! Member (and who may be, but are not required to be also that VIP!s Parent, Guardian and/or Conservotor.)

Because of our Expertise and Capabilities, we ALSO virtually identically serve "VIP!s., as "Clients", who meet all the above "VIP!s. disability Requirements, but DO NOT meet the Financial requirements to receive our services as "Primary Beneificiaries" of our "Public Charity" efforts. , and may serve "Secondary Ben. As our Resources permit we are formed and operate to serve SECONDARY Beneificiaries, people with a qualified disability but may not necessarily meet "strict"which are intend to Our Focus begins in our Vision and forged in our Articles and Mission (below):

#2 FOCUS - PSPD Clients (Fee-for-Services)

It is beneficial to all that we also leverage our Resources & Capabilities to serve a wider variety of people who meet our Members' disability criteria, but who are not financially in need, living at the Poverty level. We provide these people of similar needs, access to our high-quality Serives, at a market-rate, "Service-for-fee". Thus we refer to these valued people, as our "Clients".

Please NOTE: Understandably, we are unable to provide Things!, which are Donated by the Public, to "Clients". However we DO leverage our Procurement expertise on a Service-for-fee basis, to Client specific requests.

If you are a Government Agency, OR a specified 3rd-Party Provider, OR a Private Payer with a potential Client(s) for our Service, please see our "Service-for-Fee" page below for details. When you're ready to begin, please REGISTER!

* Please NOTE: 1) For Membership Services, all Membership requirements are as stated herein, pursuant to aHAND4 Life!'s Article, Bylaws and Policies; and 2) is based on 2010 U.S and California Census information, respectively; and 4) related sources as US SSA/SSI (Part A & B) data; and 5) in comparison with aH4L! Charitable Service offerings.