aHAND4 ® Life! is a Membership, Not-for-Profit, Public Benefit Corporation, also qualified by the IRS as a Public Charity ("tax-exempt", under US 501c3 of the tax code). We offer qualified Memberships to people from many walks of life who have demonstrated interest in furthering the goals and objectives of this Organization. (see the various Member Classed below)

Special comments re: our VIP!s

  • "Our Primary Beneficiaries are "VIP!s" - People with a Chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development (“PCSPDD”), compliant in CA under Title 17, or similarly under other States' Regs, or under US SSA & ACL criteria - who commit to participate ethically and contractually with aH4L! to live lawfully, responsibly and semi-independently in a "Supported Living environment” striving to maintain or improve self-reliance”, "as a good neighbor” in their Community, pursuing their own happiness as all US Citizens are lawfully entitled."

VIP! Members

VIP!s must be further classified as either VIP! "Members" "Clients" - for IRS and tax accounting purposes. VIP! Members are distinguished by their particularly low income (primarily due to disability and inability to secure gainful employment) - and low "Networth" (US SSA).

Once qualified as a VIP! Member, such enjoy participating in "governance" of the Organization to assure all VIP!s are well served in our Mission. As well, several SPECIAL elements of Service are available, e.g. 1) "Telecare", not typically contractable under State programs, and 2) the THINGS! program, which provides FREE goods to demonstrated Need(s), because of very low income (and w/ our diligent follow-up!).. Members ARE YET required to have "skin-in-their-Serviceship", and pay a very modest, affordable monthly Membership fee. As well, to defer substantial costs of "hands-on/in-home" support, Members MUST be "sponsored" financially by an State Agency/Family, and provide aH4L! either "Fee-for-Services" (Contract) and/or substantial annual Donation.

VIP! Clients

VIP!'s who do not meet the above mentioned low income and/or Networth limits required for "VIP! Membership", are STILL provided the SAME Service options as VIP! Members (excepting THINGS! as noted above), under a "Fee-for-Service" contract model with standardized rates (by locale). Such VIP! Clients are STILL ENCOURAGED to participate in our Governance by providing their constructive input for new programs, improvements in existing programs, and the like - by attending our VIP! Planning Sessions, Public meetings, and the like. By Policy, VIP! Clienst are not permitted however to Vote, or become a Class A Director. They MAY however apply and if approved, become a Member (and Director) of another Member Class.

Please NOTE: We well RESPECT and APPRECIATE our more "financially well-off" VIP! Clients. As noted below, aHAND4 ® Life! has made a purposeful decision, by our Articles and then unanimous approval of our Directors, now our Policy, that foremost VIP!s with the GREATEST financial need will ASSURE FOR THEMSELVES, in perpetuity (as long as we exist as an Organization), comprehensive, effective services for "Supported, semi-independent Life! and Living!". As an Organization we are firmly convinced that AS our VIP! Members are well provided for, the reasonable needs of VIP! Clients will also be met.

  • "Membership" is at the heart of aH4L!, to serve VIP!s!"

aHAND4 ® Life! Founder, Mr. Edward W. LeMahieu set out to create an effective Organization serving the needs of PCSPDD in perpetuity. To achieve this, he knew the Organization need an appropriately balanced, participative "Government" to guide evolution of the Organization. Ed identified the CA State and IRS permitted Organization type of "Membership-Non Profit", and instituted such in our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws because he believed it the most effective form to accomplish the above and Serve VIP!s, effectively, fairly, adaptively, and accountably.

  • "VIP! Members & Clients alike are well-served!"

aHAND4 ® Life!'s mission is to provide valued Services to VIP!s. All who meet our requirements can benefit! Though we need to assure our Operations are solidly funded, we will cultivate "Client Relationships", ("Clientship!") and not let "Service for Fee" or market, negotiated fee(s) deter our interest in providing our valued Services to propsective Clients. Let's engage today!

  • To "Apply" for Membership, please "Register!" first. Then "Apply" in the Category confirmed in your Registration.

Membership & Clientship Process!


& Register!

Select the best Category for you based on the Description and who you are. Review the related materials and our Policies. Then select Register! here or any page. We will review and confirm as possible.

Prepare &
and Apply!,
or Renew!

With your Registration ID and confirmed Member Category, gather required materials and select the correct "Apply" below. Complete your Online Application. To Renew, select "Renew" (use your Member ID).

Review &

We will review your Application and reply by Email & Letter, within fifteen (15) days, with our "Election" decision, or questions. Membership is "Approved" upon Letter signature and provision of Dues.


A Member Certificate is then mailed (Clients are notified), and we begin "Membership or Clientship". For VIP!'s Members or Clients, the Next Step is a first Televideo conference to develop "YOUR Life Plan!".

Member & Client Categories!


CLASS A - Elects 3 Directors
Clients elect NO Directors
Foremost, aHAND4 ® Life! foremost seeks People with a qualified Significant Physical Disability (PSPD), to be our Primary Beneficiaries! If elected Director, your input is critical to accomplish our "Mission". See "The Need is GREAT!"

Parents of PSPD!

CLASS B - Elects 2 Directors
Clients elect NO Directors
aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks motivated parents, guardians, and/or conservators of People with a qualified Significant Physical Disability (Parents of PSPD). Your interest & participation is essential. If elected Director, it's critical to accomplish our "Mission".

Mastering Parents (PSPD)!

CLASS C - Elects 4 Directors
aHAND4 ® Life! seeks accomplished Professional Leaders from our Class B members, for a unique role in the Organization. The Chairman may only be elected from Class C, for the unique skills necessary to promote the Organization and accomplish our "Mission".

Caregivers of PSPD!

CLASS D - Elects 2 Directors
Clients elect NO Directors
aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks motivated home caregivers of People with a qualified Significant Physical Disability. Your interest & participation is also essential - if elected Director, critical to accomplish our "Mission".


CLASS E - Elects 2 Directors
aHAND4 ® Life! seeks successful Professionals (advanced vocation and/or education), AND demonstrated success as Parent and/or involvement with the Disabled. Your support is essential - if elected Director, critical to our "Mission".

Government Officials!

CLASS F - Elects 3 Directors
aHAND4 ® Life! challenges itself to "reduce the burden of government" regarding the disabled. Thus, we also seek government servants as permitted. Your unique insights & passion are also important to further our "Mission".

Golden (Professional Advisors, Sponsors & Partners!)

CLASS G - Non-voting (elects no Directors)
aHAND4 ® Life! provides this Membership ("G" is for Golden!) for the following: 1) Professionals who have little or no Parenting experience or the care of someone disabled (Class E); OR 2) Sponsors and Partners, who have a special relationship with our Organization beyond simply "donating", OR 3) Champion Supporters ("high-level" - Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) level - if they wish a Membership. As a Member, each receives a membership Certificate and is provided special access and recognition beyond ordinary Supporter donors. Join Us! today!