aHAND4 Life! - Directorship!


Our Directors are a Distinguished Group!

Our Directors have impressive people, with impressive professional and personal credentials. Each is well-committed to the mission of our Organization! Please see the alphabetical list at the bottom and select a link to learn more about them. From their you can see their CV or Resume, and select their their emial link to contact them!

Membership to become a Director!

Directors must become Members of the Organization first, to serve as Director. There various Membership Classes are first set forth and defined in our Articles of Incorporation. The requirements are further defined in our Bylaws and Policies and Memberhsip Application, and are summarized on our Membership page, with derivative links, viewable thru the following link. For "Nomination & Election" Steps, please see the introductory section, and its link further below for details.

Directors Recognition and other indirect "Benefits"!

Positive impact on Reputation!

aHAND4 ® Life! needs to recognize it's Directors, as they provide substantial leadership and offer credibility to our efforts. Obviously too, it helps us attract other valued Directors, Professional Advisors, Members, Sponsors, Partners, Staff, Volunteers, etc. However, we believe also the credibitliy of the Organization serves our Directors - in promoting your personal and Professional life! We operate with the highest of ethical standards, and the law, and are, and will be accomplishing substantially recognizable and important initiatives, involving some of the most needy people in our country! Thus, we believe the relationship the Organization has with its Directors, is win-win.

Local, Regional and National Name, and Professional Interest Recognition!

Therefore, we offer Directors (and Professional Advisors) esteemed recognition: 1) on our Website, which may be linked to as the Director wishes (within limits of the Director's Agreement); 2) on our Company Letterhead, which is distrubuted to thousands, and will be tens of thousands of people annually - and which is distributed also on PDF form with hotlinks to the Director's personal link of choise;

Other Indirect Benefits

Board meetings are held in desirable Hotel or Recreational locations. Though as a non-profit we will NEVER hold "all-expense-paid" "destination get-aways" that many "for-profit" Companies do, we recognize that enjoyable meeting locations are important, for our creativity, team-building, fellowship, and accomplishment. Since our efforts will include many fundraisers nationally, including "Triathlons", etc. many are held in excellent "destinations." Therefore, efforts will be made to schedule Board meetings to coincide with those events, for travel efficiency purposes. Eventually as well, Board meetings will provide dinner prior to, or after the meeting.

Corporate Governance!

,aHAND4 ® Life! is firstly governed by our Articles of Incorporation. Then, we are governed by our Bylaws. Finally, we are governed by the leaderhsip of our Board of Directors who follow and implement our corporate governance.

Fiduciary Responsibility and Ethics

Each Director must act with fiduciary responsibility, in Board meetings, at Public events, in regard to any of the Organization's business. In summary, this means providing his/her intelligence and good judgment in furtherance of the organization's interests and mission - above his or her own interests in those matters! As well, a Director ascribes (by the Consent Agreement), to act at all times personally and while at organizational meetings and events, with a high-level of personal ethics befitting and consistant with the interest, mission, and reputation and furtherance of the organization.

Directors' Duties

Board Meetings

aHAND4 ® Life!'sForemost, Directors are required to attend Board meetings. There is a process of scheduling, notification of materials, review and attendance, and we hold a minimum number of meetings annually. And "Tele" or "Televideo" attendance ARE PERMITTE BY LAW, and we utilize such significantly to minimize the expense of the organization, particularly as we grow nationally.

At least one Annual meeting of the Directors is required by law. Additional meetings are permitted, and provided for in our Bylaws. Semi-annual meetings are planned this year, and next year are expected to increase to quarterly meetings. Special Meetings of the Directors, as required by the Chairman to accomplish special business of the Organization.

We conduct each meeting professionally, and efficiently, guided by Roberts Rules or Order, 11th Edition. The Chairman schedules Board meeting dates, times, and locations with flexibility to accomodate the schedules of as many participants as possible, as a quorum is required to conduct official business of the Organization, and we wish to have as many Directors attend physically as possible.

Travel assistance for reasonable and necessary expenses is not provided to Directors at the present time - all such is at their own cost. But the Organization will migrate toward such Policy in the future, under the leadership of the Board.

Fundraisers and Promotional Events
Directors are not required to attend such events, but are highly encouraged to do so - preferrably attending at least one Fundraiser and/or promotional event annually.

Please also consider reading, at your convenience, the following independent articles on the subject of Directors' Duties and Responsibilities:

Directors' Committment of Time and Expense


The Organization respects the valued time of all our stakeholders - not only our President and Staff, but of our volunteer Directors (and Professional Advisors). Each person's "time" is recognized and appreciated. It is a "donation" of itself, though IRS does not typically recognize a value to such! As such, we carefully plan, and LIMIT the time required of our Directors and use it efficienty accomplish the business of the Organization in Board Meetings, Events and Fundraisers, etc.


Understandably, aHAND4 ® Life!'s Director (and Professional Advisor) positions are non-paying. The organization expects this practice to continue indefinitely in to the future, as we are in "startup/funding/launch-mode" and expect this to continue thru 2016. So currently all the Directors' expensese are to be "out-of-pocket", and are not reimbursable by the Organization.

Director are required to contribute their annual Membership Dues, upon Election, and thereafter annually on their Anniversary date. Hardship exceptions will be made, per our Policies, which state that typically two installments may be made, and delays due to written "hardship request" will be considered by the President and Chairman, at their sole discretion.

As the Organization's revenue increases, and exceeds $500K annually, we expect to be able to reimburse Director's reasonable and necessary travel expenses to Board meeting locations, which are occur in California at present, but will occur in various locations throughout the United States as the Organization grows. It is unlikely that this Organization will ever compensate Directors for their time in service as a Director, as many medium to large size for-profit corporations do.

Please also consider reading, at your convenience, the following independent articles on the subject of Directors' Giving:

Director Nomination, Agreements and Election

aHAND4 ® Life!'s provides a thorough nomination, candidacy, agreement and election process to become a Director (a similar, but lesser stringent process is used for Professional Advisors, who have no power over or fiduciary responsibility with the Organization).

So if interested, prepare your Letter of Interest and other Qualifications materials (CV, Resume, reference letters, etc.), and submit. Our President and Chairman, on behalf of the Organization, THANK YOU in advance!