Our "Service-for-Fee" Engagement Model!

aHAND4 ® Life! leverages its expertise and resources and offers for Fees, qualified Public Individuals and Organizations competitive, below-market-rate Services in our core competencies!

Services for VIP! Clients are virtually identical to those offered Member PSPD, who are in charitable need. Other Services provide Caregivers similar Service expertise, and People & Organizations responsible for PSPD, our high-expertise for decision-making and Planning.

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I - Our Service-for-Fee Process!


Opportunity /
Letter of Intent!

The first step of our proposed engagement is to express mutual interest. Service-for-fee prospects, please Register! your Interest, OR, we will send you our "Letter of Interest / Intent"! Let's get in touch!

Develop Letter
or Contract!

Once we're interested, we work together to define Start Requirements, Deliverables, Goals, Metrics, Change criteria & Termination, etc. For simple arrangements, a Letter Agreement - else, a full Contract.

& Execute

Each Client/Agreement is unique. Some fit established Models, some don't. Variations exist across territories. We work diligently with you to duly execute a reasonable Agreement & rate(s) for mutual satisfaction/success!

to our

We then execute to our Agreement, as planned. We complete work, monitor and measure as called for, make changes that are agreed upon, and execute to completion of Agreement as planned - its that simple!

II - Our Service-for-Fee Engagement Types!

VIP! Clients

aHAND4 ® Life! leverages our valued Skills & Resources to provide Services to VIP!s who are entitled to either required Government Appropriated (e.g. State) or Contractually obligated (e.g. Insurance) Support, or who are being "Sponsored" by a Private Party for Sponsorship Clients who are also People with a qualified chronic Significant Physical Disability (PSPD) due to Development or Accident. Same high-quality Services as for our low-income Members, just a negotiated "market" fee. Please see also our "Mission!"

"Elders" of PSPD!

aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks Parents, Guardians and Conservators, who are those responsible overall for the care and well-being of PSPD, to leverage our high level of experience in the long-term care. Simple advice is offered as a courtesy - greater advisements are requested your modest Donation. Please see also our "Mission!".

Caregiver Clients!

aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks Caregivers of PSPD who need Services we provide that can benefit you! Caregiving Training (for Quality & Effectiveness for unique needs of PSPD); Education Counseling & Tutoring!; Employment Counseling & Training; etc. Reasonable rates, or FREE if you are low-income qualified! See our "Mission!".

Government & its Agencies!

aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks as Clients, Federal, State, County and/or Local Government, or its Agencies - those responsible for Programs for the Care and well-being of PSPD. Your Interest, Information & Support is important in our "Mission!"

Educational Institutions!

aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks as Clients, Educational Institutions - High School, Colleges or Universities - providing Services to young PSPD - OR need assistance in setting up a new Program. Your Interest, Information & Support is important in our "Mission!".

Compliance! (Short-list)

Please see also our Compliance Policy.