(1)    aHAND4 CARE!

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  • OUR PRIORITY - #1 Program and Sub-programs!    

We offer GUIDANCE, INFORMATION & SUPPORT SOLUTIONS related TO: Caregiving (incl Respite), Healthcare, Frienships, Companion Animals, Education & Tutoring.

Program Mission Statement!

aHAND4 ® Life! offers qualified VIP! Members & Clients the following Program:

aHAND4 CARE!, a 1st priority support Program, via YOUR Life! Plan™, to provide "best-in-class" quality of service, personalized, versatile, effective, fulfilling, OF: guidance and support for most aspects of healthcare and caregiving (for essential maintainance or improvement of "Body & Mind"), including of Private&Public services - such as a trusted Parent or friend provides (NOT Services requiring a Licensed/Certified Healthcare Professional, though referrals are made), for successful "Supported Living" & increased self-reliance, "... as needed, 4Life!™"

Program Overview!

After agreeing on YOUR Life Plan! ™ ... we work diligently with our PSPD Member or Client, and their support network, much as an experienced Parent or Friend would.

We utilize BEST PRACTICES to execute identified "CARE!" activities, and of elected Sub-Program(s), to defined end-points

aHAND4 ®   Caregiving! Friends! Companion Animals! Education & Tutoring! ...as Needed, 4Life!™  

We perform activities of this Program CARE!, and specifically its sub-Program Caregiving!, moreso BEFORE the other Programs. Because without appropriate and stable health and care, other sub-Programs and Programs don't much matter!   

And, as we agree in YOUR Life Plan! ™, we execute all elected Programs with overlap as possible ...

aHAND4 ®   (2) LEGAL!   (3) FINANCES!   (4) HOMES!   (5) THINGS! ...as Needed, 4Life!™  

Program Approach!

aHAND4 ® CARE!    IS FOR:    ...the Program Mission stated above ... "TOTAL Life CARE: Maintenance and Improvement of BODY & MIND!" ™ ... of our PSPD Members or Clients - People with a chronic, Significant Physical Disability ™".

∫ •   We act as an experienced, trusted, unbiased and prompt "personal care assistant" - very experienced with significant physical disabilities, trained with yours, and the sundry "total care" needs for successful "semi-independent living" - such as would be provided by an experienced loving family member or friend, cargiver, life coach or tutor (not requiring a State-license) - And we involve the Community as requested, and as possible!

∫ •   We help you to review and prepare applications and key documents, to YOUR Life Plan! ™ (those which DO NOT contain any personal or proprietary information, UNLESS by your written permission), for your individual decision-making.

∫ •   Our Mission is to help you THRIVE, with HAPPINESS in the world, not just SURVIVE! To achieve this in CARE!, we offer four (4) Sub-Programs as outlined below, to address needs in Caregiving! ..Friends! ..Companion Animals! ..Education & Tutoring!

∫ •   We are "...Supporting YOUR Living!®"; "...as needed, 4Life! ™"

aHAND4 ® CARE!   IS NOT FOR:    any other Services, or Things! than those stated herein. Please see also additional Disclaimers

THE RESULT: We achieve our Program Mission! And Outcomes substantially better than other Organizations!

Join Us!   "We are significantly helping People with a chronic Significant, Physical Disability!"

Our Programs Process! (all)


or Update
YOUR Life Plan!

Our first step together is to establish or update "YOUR Life Plan!" Clarify needs, resources, and capabilities, then set goals and logistics.

Begin, then

We start, then actively participate together per YOUR Life Plan! - daily, weekly, monthly - via Onsite and TeleCare!, for a fun-loving experience!

Measure for
Adjust the Plan!

Together we measure Progress, adjusting YOUR Life Plan! as necessary, and agreed on. For safety, effectiveness, efficiency, ENJOYMENT!


We execute per YOUR Life Plan!, toward endpoints, for maintenance, more accomplishment, and pursuit of YOUR HAPPINESS!

aHAND4 CARE! Sub-Programs!

aHAND4 Caregiving!

This Program provides experienced help with all sorts of Personal, Home/Health Caregiving needs, primarily related to "Supported Living", but also "Respite". We assist both Adults who are PSPD, and Parents of Minor Children, and use our innovative "Tele-Guidance", comprised of In-Home CARE! & Tele-CARE!
PROVIDING: housekeeping, laundry, cooking, shopping, attend personal health meetings; Medical/ Dental/ Optical/ Chiro/ PT/ AccuP exams, manage Pharmacy/Meds, teach literacy, transport, schedule, deal with insurance. For Respite: Enabling Parents "get-away" (go to dinner, an event, a day or weekend, etc.)!

aHAND4 Friends!

This Program provides experienced help for all sorts of quality Friendship needs, especially important once in "Supported Living". We assist both Adults with a PSPD, but also Parents of Minor Children, and use our innovative "Tele-Guidance", comprised of In-Home CARE! & Tele-CARE!
PROVIDING: help to find, develop, and/or strengthen long-term friendships, including planning, scheduling, transportation, communication and emphasizing Safety!

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aHAND4 Companion Animals!

This Program provides experienced help with with Companion Animal needs. We provide a unique program for periodic/part-time, or can assist with securing a daily/full-time companion animal. We can even assist, on occassion, with finding human companionship! We assist both Adults who are PSPD, and Parents of Minor children who are PSPD. We do this over the long-term, and use our innovative "Tele-Guidance", comprised of In-Home CARE! & Tele-CARE!
PROVIDING: help to find supportive Community Owners, assist with all training, manage scheduling, any interactions with landlords, for Safety and Happiness!

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aHAND4 Education & Tutoring!

This Program provides experienced help with all sorts of Education Planning & Tutoring, particularly essential to succeed in "Supported Living"! We assist both Adults who are PSPD, and also Parents of Minor Children who are PSPD. We use our innovative "Tele-Guidance", comprised of In/Out-Home CARE! & Tele-CARE!
PROVIDING: help to set Goals, for Personal Enrichment or Vocation, Certificate or Degree Programs (Tech or Business), Assessments, Applications, 6th to 12th Gr. & Graduation, Vocational & Community Colleges, 4yr Colleges & Universities!