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Professional Advisorship!

Our Professional Advisors are a Distinguished Group!

aHAND4 ® Life! Professional Advisors are a distinquished group, with impressive professional and personal credentials, and each is well-committed to the mission of our Organization!

Professional Advisorship Summary

aHAND4 ® Life! Advisorship begins with Registration, then Application, then Ratification by the President and Chairman, then Service, as outlined below.

With accepted Registration and Ratification, Professional Advisors make a small portion of their time available, at mutually agreeable time(s), to address questions of importance to the Organization asked by the President and/or the Chairman. Meetings are typically by phone, or Televideo Conference (e.g. Skype ®), or as mutually agreeable, in person, over coffee, lunch or dinner (where the Advisor is expected to cover their own "technology" and travel expense to the agreed on lunch/dinner meeting. Typically the Organization will cover the cost of the meal.

Service is for one (1) year Terms, but are auto-renewing with paid Advisorship Dues. Any Advisorship may be Terminated at any time, by either Party, without cause, or consequence, by simple written notice by the Terminating party to the other Party at their address of record (email notice and confirmations are fine as well).

Advisors do not have any other time or expense committments, or duties, and DO NOT have a fiduciary responsibility as do Class E Professionals who are Elected Director. Some Professional Advisors, however, volunteer and spend more time on our exciting growth and Mission.

Professionals in Class G (non-voting) serving the President and Chairman are obvious potential candidates for a future Directorship postion as well - as they are usually already more intimately familiar with the affairs of the Organization. Class G Advisors may become Class E Professional Members at any time, and are electable to Director after one year successful Service (upon President and Chairman confirmation) at any time, pursuant to the Organizations Bylaws and Policies, Advisors typically serve as Advisor for several years before accepting a Directorship.

So Professional Advisors support the Organization with a small portion of their time and livelihood, with diligence, which is a substantial help to the Organization to help fulfill its Vision, Mission and Operating Plans!

Reputations - Striving for Excellence and Mutual Benefits!

aHAND4 Life!'s Mission for Excellence and Best in Class

aHAND4 Life! is seeking to become THE nationally recognized leader in its field of delivering Services and Goods to People with a Chronic Significant Physical Disability (PSPD). To achieve this, the Organization has set forth sophisticated Articles, Vision, Mission and Operational Plans, etc.

Because of the times and era, the expectation of the Public and the Organizations' Members, Clients, and constituents is that the Organization, and all its Staff, Leadership, and those in positions of visibility associated with the Organization must be of "high-reputation" themselves.

Therefore, the Organization expects all its Advisors to provide sound judgment, guidance, and Service at a high-level of functioning in the field(s) of their capability(ies), as outlined on their provided Skills Inventory/Resume.

For a successful Application for Nomination, and then Election, and then Ratification, an accurate and complete representation of the Professional as such throughout their life is critical, and will be assessed to the best of the Organization's ability.


Then for acceptable Service, the Professional Advisor must continue to be law-abiding, in their personal and Professional lives, and their Service to the Organization - pursuant to all applicable Federal, State, and local laws. If performance or action comes in to question, or knowledge, the Organization reserves its right to Terminate candidacy, Nomination, Election, and/or Ratification, depending on the stage of involvement, immediately, upon written Notice.

Advisors' Increased "Recognition"

aHAND4 ® Life! recognizes publically all it's Leadership, including Directors, Professional Advisors and Staff. These people all provide substantial leadership, and credibility to our efforts, including helping us attract other valued Leadership for the future - Members, Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers, etc.

To provide due reward for Professional Advisorship, because of the high-impact they provide for us, we work to promote each's professional interest via our marketing materials and exposure. We are an Organization operating with the highest of ethical standards, and within the law, and are, and are accomplishing substantial, recognizable and important initiatives involving some of the most needy people in our country and governmental leaders in the Country. We believe aHAND4 ® Life! Professional Advisorship is something to be desired, and a win-win relationship.

aHAND4 ® Life! offers Professional Advisors (and Directors) esteemed recognition: 1) on our Website, which may be linked to as the Advisorwishes (within limits of the Advisors Consent Agreement); 2) on our Company Letterhead, which is distrubuted to thousands, and will be tens of thousands of people annually - and which is distributed also on PDF form with hotlinks to the Advisors professional link of choise;

Other Indirect Benefits

Though as a non-profit, we will never hold "all-expense-paid" "destination get-aways" for Professional Advisors that some "for-profit" Companies do, we recognize that meeting with some Advisors on certain issues require extended meeting time, so sometimesa pleasurable location for a lunch, etc will be provided. Such is important for creativity, team-building, fellowship and for ouraccomplishment. As well, many fundraisers will occur nationally, and many are held in major metro locations, which are excellent "destinations" of themselves. All Professional Advisors are invited to attend these events, on their own expense, to help present a positive image of the Organization to the Community. In that manner, Advisors derive benefit from their participation.

You are called for in our Corporate Governance!

aHAND4 ® Life! is firstly governed by our Articles of Incorporation, which were "Filed" with the California Secretary of State in 2009.

We are then governed by our Bylaws and Policies, which have the direct involvement of our all our Directors ("The Board"). Though Professional Advisors have no responsibility or direct involvement in our Corporate Governance, there is an informal familiarity necessary as each interacts directly with our President and Chairman.

In any case, we think you ought to briefly review our Articles and have a familiarity!

Ethics, No-conflicts of Interest, and Confidentiality!

aHAND4 ® Life! Professional Advisors must act with the utmost of Professional diligence, expertise and ethical behavior in service requests by the President and Chairman, and at any Public events. An Advisor ascribes to this by his/her Consent Agreement offered in the Nomination process. Though Professional Advisors are NOT required by law to carry Fiduciary Responsibility, the Organization does expect a similar behavior in all our interactions. Please consider reviewing the Fiduciary Responsibility links of Directors, as they provide a "flavor" in the area of Ethics of what the Organiation expects.

Professional Advisors' "Duties"

Limited Phone/Skype conferences, and/or lunch meetings

aHAND4 ® Life!'s does NOT impose much of a time committment on its Professional Advisors. There are not required to attend meetings, etc. Only occassional calls with the President and/or Chairman are required, at mutually agreeable times (and locations, for a physical meeting).

We always conduct each interaction professionally, and efficiently.

Travel assistance for reasonable and necessary expenses is not provided to Directors at the present time - all such is at their own cost. But the Organization will migrate toward such Policy in the future, under the leadership of the Board.

Recommendation for Professional Advisors to attend an annual Fundraisers and/or Promotional Event
Professional Advisors are RECOMMENDED, but not required to attend any Organizational events. But attendance at at least one Fundraiser and/or promotional event annually is helpful, and sometimes highly beneficial to the Public reputation of the Organization at that event, and beyond.

Professional Advisors' Committment of Time and Expense


The Organization respects the valued time of all our stakeholders - not only our President and Staff, but of our volunteer Directors, and our Professional Advisors. Each person's "time" is recognized and appreciated. It is a "donation" of itself, though IRS does not typically recognize a value to such! As such, we carefully plan, and LIMIT the time required of our Professional Advisors, as stated, to "light-duty", occassional Phone call/Skype session. On rare occassions, but as possible, the President and/or Chairman will meet physically with the Advisor, often times after work hours, or over lunch.


Understandably, aHAND4 ® Life!'s Professional Advisor (and Director) positions are non-paying. The organization expects this practice to continue indefinitely in to the future, as we are in "startup/funding/launch-mode" thru September, and will be in low-budget "Scale-up" mode thru 2016. So currently all Professional Advisorsexpensese are to be "out-of-pocket", and will not be reimbursable by the Organization.

Professional Advisors are required to contribute their annual Membership Dues, upon Election, and thereafter annually on their Anniversary date. Special, rare "hardship conditions" are possible even with Professional Advisors. Exceptions can be made, per our Policies, which state that typically two installments can be made, and that such delays due to written "hardship request" will be considered by the President and Chairman, at their sole discretion.

As the Organization's revenue increases, and exceeds $500K annually, we expect to be able to reimburse Director's reasonable and necessary travel expenses to any Organization requested meetings, including local Fundraiser and/or Promotional events. Currently these are occuring only in California, but as we grow, they will occur in every state that we operate, and hopefully eventually every US State. It is unlikely that this Organization will ever compensate Professional Advisors for their time in service, as some medium to large for-profit corporations do.

Professional Advisors are Members first, in Class G (Non-voting)

aHAND4 ® Life! Professional Advisors become Class G Members of the Organization, pursuant to our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Policies. As non-Voting, Nomination and Ratification are by the President and Chairman only. Please see our Membership page at the following link for details on General Membership or directly select the other link below for specific details on Class G Membership.

Additional Qualifications & Requirements!

All interested members must committ to the Advisorship Nomination and Election process below, in then decide in that process that they are willing to provide the additional (minor) time and expense committment over simple Professional Membership. This includes primarily, responding to President's or Chairman's OCCASSIONAL (1-2X Quarterly) requests for phone call(s) and/or Skype sessions, at mutually agreeable times typically outside normal business hours; AND timely provision of annual Membership Dues of Advisors (typically Bronze level for Sponsors); plus

All must be willing to accept the recognition provided by the Organization to the Public. This includes mention by name and photo and CV/Resume, and optionally email address (at either an Organization provided one, or the Advisor's own supplied email by permission) - in promotional campaigns which include our Website, on our social media sites (i.e. fundraising sites), and in our literature. PDF documents are often provided, and such include hotlinks to each Professional Advisors' CV/Resume and favorite professional affiliation link sites (Company website, LinkedIn, etc.); as well, honorable mention, and sometimes award, for distinction, at special events, fundraisers, etc.; plus

All must be agreeable to a few additional provisions of Professioalism and Ethical performance provided for in the Nominatin and Election process below.

Nomination, Agreement and Election!

aHAND4 ® Life! provides a thorough Nomination, Candidacy/Agreement and Ratification process to begin Serving as a Professional Advisor.

If the Class E or G Member believes their area of expertise is of high value to the Operation of the Organization, they may submit their own request for Nomination for a Professional Advisory position in their area of expertise, to the President or Chairman. The Member may do this by logging in online and and submitting a Professional Advisorhsip Request. Or, in the rare case, they may also provide an original letter sent to the Organizations legal mailing address. In either case, the Request will be duly reviewed by the President and Chairman for approval.

Nomination only occurs in one (1) other manner - by the President's or Chairman's Nomination, for whom the Advisor serves. This is done internally, online as well, and the Member will receive an email notice and phone call of the Nomination.

The President and/or Chairman will also be available to address any questions or concerns, and upon receipt of either online acceptance, or in the rare case, written letter acceptance by the Nominee, the President and Chairman will meet to review the Nomination and complete Election at their sole discretion.

Upon Election and Membership in good standing, the Nominee can begin Service as a Professional Advisor. However the appointment is "Interim", and not "consumated" or "Ratified", until the next Board meeting, wherein a Majority of Directors must vote in support of the Advisor. Else, the interim appointment will be Terminated. In either case, the Advisor will be notified in writing as above.

Currently Authorized Professional Advisorship Positions!

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