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aHAND4 Life!'s STRATEGY begins in its "Values", "Vision" and "Mission", to work with individuals, Organizations and Government to offer integrative, comprehensive, high-tech, hands-on, prioritized "Supported Living" Programs sub-programs, for with and for our VIP! Members & Clients - People w/ a chronic, Significant Physical Disability by Development (PCSPDD) - and their Support Network (Parents, Gaurdians...) "TOTAL Life CARE, improvement & maintenance of BODY & MIND, for People with a chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development (PSPD)"™.
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aHAND4 Life!'s STRATEGY, LEADERSHIP and APPROACH are based on "The 5 C's! ™" philosophy for successful semi-independent living and Happiness. Co-Founder Mr. Edward LeMahieu developed this method over years to manage his son Brett LeMahieu's (Co-Founder) entry, and success, in Adult "supported living", beginning in 2002. Brett achieved a steady state of happiness by 2007!  

In this, aHAND4 Life! defines with each Member & Client, the goals to INCREASE:
"CAPABILITY" - aH4L! assists to improve healthcare, mobility, access... - the 1st "C".
"CAREGIVING" - aH4L! puts the "C" in, with COMPASSION - the 2nd "C".
"COMPANIONSHIP" - aH4L!'s unique Animal, then People program - the 3rd "C".
"COMMUNITY" - aH4L!! tirelessly involves qualified Community members - the 4th "C".
"CONTENTEDNESS" - aH4L! adds exceptional training here - the 5th "C".
ALL combine to RESULT IN: 1) improved "self-reliance", and 2) "greater Happiness"!

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aHAND4 Life!'s STRATEGY for the 1st FOUR (4) "C's" above is to emphasize the "Priority" that exists in life's areas. Firstly, (1) CARE!, helps assure stable care, caregiving, companionship, friends, and education. Secondly (2) LEGAL!, helps assure a solid legal understanding and position for all aspects of the disabled individual's life, including their "rights" & "responsibilities". Thirdly (3) FINANCES!, helps assure financial literacy and planning, no debt, great credit, understanding for work, or even a business. Fourthly (4) HOMES!, helps plan, then find a good home for the Adult disabled individual, help with security deposit, and move-in! Fifthly (5) THINGS!, helps provide essential, unaffordable "Things!", for that home.
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aHAND4 Life!'s STRATEGY always begins, proceeds, and completes according to
"YOUR Life Plan!" a Member/Client/Program Case Manager-completed controlling document which ID's TOGETHER, PSPD NEEDS and choices, objectives, and metrics. Programs typically start with more involvement, then tapers to either a maintenance mode, or conclusion [endpoint(s)].
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