aHAND4 Life! - Articles Summary!

Articles of Incorporation Summary

Historical Motivation

aHAND4 ® Life!'s Founder, and current President, Chief Financial Officer, and Chairman, set out form an Organization that would be legally recognized as a US entity, AND stand the test of time, in perpetuity, for PSPD - because he believed, and believes, it accomplishes this purpose and creates the most effective, fair, adaptive Organization for Service, with accountability.

He wished to create an appropriately balanced, participative Organizational Government to guide the Organizations evolution in fairness, creativity, and Service to PSPD and those who are intimately familiar with their plight, and have great interest in helping.

State Sanctioning

The State of California, and most US States, permit formation of a Membership "Non-Profit" - and IRS recognizes such as long as Organized appropriately to State Law for Public Benefit Corporations. So Mr. LeMahieu conceived of a seven (7) Class Membership Organization to serve the interest of the above constituents - those groups of people with the common thread of desire and great interest, and ability to impact in a positive manner, the health and welfare and happiness of People with chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development.

It took several iterations to gain the acceptance of the SOS, because the Articles sought had a significant depth of vision for the future of the organization. The intent of the founder was to solidify, and make difficult to change, the fundamental mission of the organization - serving, in perpetuity, financially needy significantly physically disable people who can or are living capably and reponsibly in supported living. The organization was also somewhat non-traditional, though provided for by law, as a membership-based non-profit public benefit corporation.

aHAND4 ® Life!'s Founder, Edward W. LeMahieu, authored our Articles of Incorporation, which were formally "filed" (recognized) by Secretary of State (SOS) of California, on May 27th, 2009.

Federal Recognition

The organization then applied for, and received in November 2012, qualification by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), tax exempt status as a public charity (by US 501 c 3 of the tax code). California's Franchise tax board was then applied for, and recognized de facto state tax-exempt status as well, in July, 2013.

Corporate Existence

aHAND4 ® Life!'s mission is to live on in perpetuity - as long as there are people with a significant physical disability that are effectively prevented from competing with able-bodied people for traditional employment, and such people are willing to live capably and responsibly in a supported living environment. Able-bodied people ought to, and will always win and maintain employment positions - as they should in our fundamentally competitive economy. The significantly physically disabled should not be left behind.

Charitable Purpose

aHAND4 ® Life!'s mission is fundamentally prescribed to be charitable. There is no "for-profit" motive - no shareholders - no single person receiving inappropriate benefit or gain by the existence of the organization.

Not-for-Profit Subsidiaries

aHAND4 ® Life!'s envisions substantial growth in its future. At a minimum, in fifteen (15) to twenty (20) years, the Founder expects each of the five (5) main program areas, will grow to become stand-alone entities of themselves, wholly owned and overseen by the parent organization. The Articles already provide for such without decision by the Board.


The Articles were prescribed as a membership not-for-profit organization to create an organization highly effective, fair and adaptive in serving its needy membership (Class A and D members which are the sole charitable beneficiaries of the organization. Members are held accountable to the organization by their membership agreement, which must be held in good-standing. The organization is governed by its Board of Directors, an accomplished group of leaders elected from the various classes, in weighted number, and the Operational Plan as approved by the Board is executed by the Executive Management team (Officers, Managers, and Staff).

All members (all classes) are united by the common thread of desire to create the most highly effective charitable organization dedicated to providing the highest possible quality of services and goods for a "total-life" care solution for people with a qualified significant physical disability which prevents them from traditional employment, resulting in their financial need, but who are people willing to live capably and responsibly and semi-independently in a supported living environment, "pursuing their happiness".

Six(6) Classes were created with voting privileges, for the stated number of Directors, to govern the Organization. The quantity of Directors in each Class were selected to maximize effectivness of the Organization to accomplish its Mission.

One (1) class was created for "Sponsors & Partners", who have a unique interest in the Organization beyond Supportership. These are not provided voting privileges for any governance, but are provided special opportunities and recognition.


The Founder, Mr. LeMahieu, planned for a healthy balance in the governance of the organization by the various stakeholders of people with a significant physical disability. The intent is to enable a full body of participation by the memberhip, including the beneficiaries themselves, but also by those also most impacted by a person with a significant physical disability - their family, relatives, caregivers, and closest friends - to plan, set policy, and effectively deliver the high quality of services and goods benefits to the needy.


Officers are provided for in the Articles, and, as in all corporations, such have the fiduciary responsibility to lead and run the organization to maintain its existence, fulfilling its mission, and abide by applicable law in each state and territory in which the organization operates. aHAND4 ® Life!'s employed leaders will be among the most capable and effective business leaders among not-for-profit organizations of the times.


The Founder, Mr. LeMahieu, believed substantially in the role of an Ambassador for the ongoing effectiveness of aHAND4 ® Life!'s. Such is established and will be from among the membership, and will typically be one of the Class A Significantly Physically Disabled Directors. The Founders son, Mr Brett E. LeMahieu was establishe in formation as the original Ambassador, and is the prototypical Class A member for which the organization was established. Mr Brett E. LeMahieu is expected to serve in this role for many years to come, as he epitomizes the character, strength, courage and need with and for which the organization exists in its service to others.

Copies of Articles

aHAND4 ® Life!'s Articles of Incorporation are available upon request with your signed letter of request and certification of citizenship and payment of thirty-five dollars ($35US) to cover the cost of Administrative expenses. Such Letter may be mailed electronically via our Contact Us page, and Payment made via our DONATE link. As well, such Letter may be mailed to our Corporate Address, and Check made payable to: "aHAND4 Life!" as noted on our Donate-by-Chech" link. If you prefer delivery in word-selectable PDF, please specify that in your letter. You may make payment thru our Paypal clearing agent for faster processing, as email addresses are compared. Thank you for your interest!