Our Founders & Logo

Our Founders

cofounders Ed Brett having a laugh at night aHAND4 ® Life! was founded by a father and son team, Mr. Edward W. LeMahieu and Mr. Brett Edward LeMahieu. Each has become well suited to the task of building this Organization, with a wealth of practical life experiences earned over decades of "walking the walk".

    Brett Edward LeMahieu

  • Co-Founder

  • Director, Class A

  • Founding Ambassador!

  • Prototype member!

  • An Inspiration!

    Edward Walter LeMahieu

  • Co-Founder

  • Director, Class C

  • President, Chair, Secret., CFO, Honored parent

  • 4yr Eng. Mgr, AT Inc.

  • 4yr Dir. SystEng., VP Ops, 2 MedDev Startups

  • 15yr BioElectrical Engr.

Our Logos Development

hand photo proto 1 for logo As noted our our page "Our Beginnings!" Co-Founders Mr. Edward W. LeMahieu and Brett E. LeMahieu developed a photo that inspired our Logo. The shot was taken in Brett's Supported Living Apartment in Salinas, California, in 2007. "One day I was feeling inspired to grab a photo while I helped Brett up - having done it thousands of times before, over decades. I thought maybe one day we could turn that image into a logo for an Organization to help the disabled - offering a helping hand!
- Co-Founder Ed LeMahieu".

hand photo proto 2 for logoLater, in 2008, after re-locating to LA, Ed and Brett developed an improved photo for the foundation of the Logo. With a little help from a design firm, Adobe Photoshop, coordination with the Articles, Bylaws, Board meetings, etc. etc, - and photo vision become a reality! Our symbol and message was finalized in May, 2012, by Board Resolution to accept the Corporate Identity firm's proposal.

founders hands formed logoRoyal blue symbolizes aHAND4 ® Life!'s firm, outstretched arm of support and a hand of help to people in need. Green - the life we are helping, to exist, to grow in education, friends, self-reliance, joy and happiness.