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Welcome Prospective Sponsors!

aHAND4 ® Life! welcomes our prospective Sponsors from around the country!

Sponsors help us "extend our reach" in accomplish our Mission according to our Vision - increase our Membership and Client-base, and deliver our charitable and value-added services and goods ("Things!"), etc.*

For them, we bring Sponsors a little recognition, and the large knowledge they have helped us do something truly significantly to help people in a meaningful way who are truly disadvantaged. **

Sponsors are distinct from Members, Partners, Supporters or Volunteers. Sponsors and Volunteers have only a minimal Agreement governing their relationship with the Organization, for Sponsorship or Volunteering. Members have a fuller Membership Agreement governing their relationship and Partners have a slightly larger "Partnership Agreement" governing their relationship. Supporters have no Agreement or "relationship" at all with the Organization, and only offer cash or goods donation "support" at an "arms length". *


If you or your organization or an Organization you know would likely benefit from a formal Sponsorship relationship with our Organization, please send a brief note of interest and description of the potential opportunity(s), and let's discuss!

We require only a simple one-page "Sponsorship Letter Agreement", to assure our mutual benefit and protection - so "expectations" are aligned. We address: Ethics, Indemnification, Rights Offered, Payment(s) and Termination - typical in a US Letter Agreement/ Sponsorship. Not to worry, we mainly wish your donation and the right to use your Logo on our T-shirts!

Let's get started TODAY!

Contribution Levels & Recognition!

Please select the following link to:
REGISTER! (same link is at the top of every page of our website!). Prepare, then submit your materials. We will respond promptly of receipt (typically 24hrs), and within 3-5 business days with our assessment of Membership potential - that is "Our Nomination" and the "Next Steps", or "Denial".

If we offer our "preliminary" recommendation for Membership status ("our Nomination"), please select the following link to:
APPLY! We require additional "official" "certified" documentation as above to complete our determination of eligibility (for "Election"). Please prepare and submit requested materials as in 1-REGISTER, and we will respond likewise, and WHETHER any additional information is needed.

Our Membership Committee reviews all the Member-candidate's information. Nominees with unanimous support of the Committee are granted "Nominee-Elect" status promptly. If deficiency(s) exist, we work with you to resolve these within a reasonable timeframe. Multiple Applications are limited. The "Review & Qualification" process requires two (2) to four (4) business weeks, depending on complexities of each Applicant. All aH4L! election determinations are final. Results are communicated in writing on our official Letterhead, of Membership Election, or denial*.

For the "Elected" candidate, Membership commences upon "written acceptance" of Membership Agreement, and payment of Membership Dues. Services typically can begin within a week!, and always begin with completion of "YOUR Life Plan!", to set mutually agreeable goals. Upon six (6) months of Membership in "Good-Standing", we can begin distribution of necessary donated "Things!" per "YOUR Life Plan!", with our oversight. And we continue in your successful "supported living experience", and happiness!
Its that easy!

Many things are Possible!

...with TEAMWORK!



support of friends, winner

... in AGREEMENT, we'll accomplish MUCH!

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We help Members & Clients "complete" THEIR race!

* Please NOTE, aHAND4 ® Life!'s Articles, Bylaws, and Polices apply. Please see our Policy links at the bottom of each page of our Website for below, and the "Read More's" above which direct to our Membership Policy - which further includes details and sections on Nomination, Election, Registration and Application as well as requirements of ongoing Membership performance.

** Please NOTE: aHAND4 ® Life!'s utilizes its human and technological resources efficiently, and fully compliant with US IRS guidelines for US Public Charity "tax-exempt" status. Provided for by law within this, is we can accept as "Clients", candidates who meet the medical disability criteria listed for our Charitable Membership (above), BUT WHO MAY NOT meet the low financial income limits. We Service two (2) such "Client" types: a) "Government-provided" and b) "Private-party payer", each with different requirements and Services. PLEASE NOTE: NO "Clients" of any type shall EVER receive ANY CHARITABLY DONATED Services or Goods (Things!) This is per our "agreement with the Public" and IRS requirements for US Public Charity "tax-exempt" Public Charities (501c3).