aHAND4 ® Life! is honored to have a unique opportunity our status as a Public Benefit Corporation (CA) and US Public Charity (IRS), in that we can further serve our Members, their families and loved ones in their time of great loss and passing - by honoring the Legacy of the beloved departed one - and furthering our Mission in Service to our VIP!s.

Whether the passing individual was one who served by our Organization - or was one who served with us - or was any other exemplary citizen in good standing in the Community - any who have served faithfully and given sacrificially of time, talent and finanical resources to assist others of less fortune in life - as our Mission describes - can be SERVED in Memorial:

  • VIP! Members (Class A) - those who lived faithfully pursuing semi-independence, as a "good neighbor" - our purpose and Mission; and
  • Parent/Conservator/Gaurdian Members (Class B or C) - who served and supported faithfully the above pursuits of such VIP!s; and
  • Director Members (Class A-F) - who used their knowledge and leadership to guide the Organization in assisting the above VIP!s; and
  • Professional Advisor Members (Class G); and
  • our Staff - who thru much scrutiny, and with much sweat, some tears, and usually minimal pay, well served the above VIP!s; and
  • • and similar distinguished or otherwise productive Community members in goodstanding (not necessary to be an aH4L! area)

As we are named for generous charitable donation "in Memorial" or "in memory of", we are pleased to assist families in developing and promoting the above individuals' "Legacy" and "Excellence to humanity" - their family, love ones, the Community in which they lived - by offering a professionally designed and authored webpage from information supplied by the family and approved by the Family. Such is available then for the Public's viewing pleasure, and charitible donation at their discretion, via Computer and use of the Web, via easy reference/link in Newspaper Obituaries, Church Bulletins and the like. Such webpage can exist in perpetuity, as our Organization exists (which we expect will be a long time), or for a time specified by the Family.!

aHAND4 ® Life! encourages anyone with interest as stated above, to Contact Us regarding their loved one when the time arises, so we can promptly work out details for the Obituary and various communications.

In the meantime, please see the link below for Mr. LeMahieu's Memorial page as an example of what can be achieved for you in short order.

  • Thank you in advance for our opportunity to Serve you in the Memory of your Loved One!