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  • Many things are Possible with ...

  •            ...Teamwork!            ...Innovation!            ...circles of Love & Support!

  • ...most ANYTHING!


aHAND4 ® Life! will soon have partnerships with Organizations all around the state, country, and eventually the Globe - to the benefit of both Organizations!

Partnership significantly extends our reach, for membership, clientship and to build our Leadership and Staff.

Our partners work with us, within our purpose, under our Articles, according to our Values, Mission and Vision, and US guidelines for our US Charity status, and in return, they receive added value, increased Public Recognition, potentially new Business.

Distinct from Members, Sponsors, Supporters and Volunteers!

But like Sponsorship and/or Supporters and Volunteers...

... in that Partners typically contribute valued Donations, in addition to any monies exchanged for Services or Goods. But Partners always invest notable, active time in working with us, to accomplish mutual beneficiailly objectives, ove the long haul, typically a year or more!/p>

And like Membership...

... in that we require at least a basic Partnership Letter Agreement governing our Relationship. We can also develop with you a more robust Contract. In either case, things we like to see addressed, to assure mutual expectations are aligned, are: Roles, Responsibilities, Mission, Ethics, Confidentiality, Indemnification, Termination, etc. - typical in US business relationships.

  • "We promise to keep it simple, effective, to the benefit of both Organizations!"


Send your Note of Interest! If you or your Organization would like to benefit from a mutually beneficial, formal relationship. We would like to hear about your opportunity, and promise to promptly respond to discuss!

Our Partnerships are most typically formalized by execution of a simple one-page "Letter Agreement", to assure our mutual benefits and protections - so our "expectations" are aligned! In that Agreement, we address basic things AS: Ethics, Indemnification, Rights Offered, Payment(s) and Termination, etc, - typical, necessary things.

Let's get started in Partnership TODAY!

Partnership Types!

Regional Centers

aHAND4 ® Life! partners with Regional Centers, which are typically the state body responsible for appropriating annual state disability benefits. Within their service population, are qualified people of significant physical disability that we can serve. Associated with such are their caregivers, who can also become "Supporters" or who may qualify for charitable assistance on a limited basis.

VA Centers

aHAND4 ® Life! partners with VA Centers, which are responsible for administering a broad range of veteran benefits. Within this, is a sub-population of yet financially needy veterans with a qualified significant physical disability that could benefit by our telecare service model - for financial coaching, improved friendships and companionship, education, training, etc.

Other Non-profits

aHAND4 ® Life! partners with other non-profit organizations granted 501c status by the IRS - as foundations, associations, or other public charities (501c3) - who have unique resources and willingness to extend such to our mission. As permitted by law, we fulfill our end of a true "spirit of partnership", to society's overall benefit.

Educational Institutions

Every year a sizeable group of young adults with a qualified significant physical disability, become of age to enter semi-independent living. aHAND4 ® Life! partners with any K-12 institution (any state), to provide information to students age 17 and up, and parents, in assemblies, seminars, lectures, and promoting our membership.


aHAND4 ® Life! partners with corporations of any size, who have vision and "corporate citizenship" agendas as part of the for-profit enterprise. We believe such companies are the most successful in the Unitied States, and such offer programs as "matching donation", fundraising campaigns, volunteer programs, sabbatical programs.

Local Businesses

aHAND4 ® Life! partners with small businesses, who, like the corporations above, recognie the value of, and have a formal "citizenship" program. Such, we believe, often provide the most broad, grass-roots reach of our organization in the communities in which we serve our financially needy beneficiaries.

Partnering Process


& Ways to Help!

aHAND4 ® Life! requires Partners to become a Class G "Supporter" member, so please review requirements to assure your qualification, and confirm your interest.


Develop &
Execute Partner

Let's draft a mutually acceptable & beneficial Agreement/ Contract - via Online template, simplistic Letter Agreement, or complex Doc which may require services of an Attorney.



Typically then we hold a kickoff meeting on the "Start Date", to ensure we start our Engagement smoothly, with a Plan, for effectiveness. Will you "Join Us!"?