Professional Membership!


We welcome Professionals of all types, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Engineers, Managers, Business owners, Carpenters, Plumbers, Race Car drivers, Truckers, Checkout Clerks - anyone in a traditionally recognized career or vocation who has mastered their craft in earning a living, for your family, etc.

Upon your Registration, and Application, we will work diligently with you to qualify as either Class E (Voting), or Class G (Non-Voting) Member!

Whether simply casting your vote, or accepting Nomination as Director (Class E), or accepting our Nomination as Professional Advisor to work with our President and Chairman, we then work with you as you wish to invest of your time, talent and treasure, in accomplishing our Vision and Mission, according to our Articles, Bylaws and Policies. We appreciate you, and The Need is Great!, and we are "Focused!" *

Thank you in advance for your sincere intention, motivation, compatible interest, and the Skills & Resources you can commit. Together WE CAN make a REAL difference in the "Life Plans!" of our PSPD Members & Clients!

Professional Membership Requirements!

1) Registration & Acceptance:

a) Register Online! - Just a few questions (Qualifications & Program Survey), and Affirm.
b) We work to confirm Professional Category (E or G), as possible. If so, assign a Registration ID.

2 Membership Application & Acceptance:

a) Apply Online! - including Conflict of Interest Check, basic Ethics Agreement.
b) We review to Requirements, Nominate and Elect as possible - with your acceptance each Step.
c) Your Annual Membership Dues [Professional (Class B) $48/yr (=only $4/mo!); If accepting Class B Directorship, $300/Yr. (=$25/Mo.); OR, for Professional Advisors (Class G), $199/yr (=only $16.58/mo!)]
d) We assign Member ID and conduct a short "Confirmation Teleconference".

3) Continued Membership & Clientship in "Good Standing" (per Policies & Agreements).

Join Us TODAY! Help us grow our Services to Members & Clients with significant needs - and allow us to recognize YOU!

Professional Membership Benefits!

1. Benefit from knowing firstly that your contribution AND VOTE for Directors helps us deliver HIGH QUALITY Charitable living improvements to SPECIAL PEOPLE in significant need - financially, emotionally and within their Spirits!

2. "Join Us!" and benefit from CONTRIBUTING PERSONALLY, and having DIRECT, IMMEDIATE, positive impact on the lives of our Members & Client's! Satisfaction and Purpose you will FEEL! Help with one or more of our innovative Programs and Sub-Programs: aHAND4 ® CARE!     aHAND4 ® LEGAL!

aHAND4 ® Caregiving!     aHAND4 ® Friends!     aHAND4 ® Education!
aHAND4 ® Companion Animals!     aHAND4 ® Medical/Dental/Optical Matters!
aHAND4 ® Housing Matters!     aHAND4 ® Special Needs Trusts!
aHAND4 ® Conservatorships!     aHAND4 ® No Debt!     aHAND4 ® Excellent Credit
aHAND4 ® Employment!     aHAND4 ® Career Counseling!
aHAND4 ® Working In Corporations/ Small Co's/Colleges & Universities!
aHAND4 ® Finding My Home!     aHAND4 ® My Security Deposit!
aHAND4 ® Operating My Home!     aHAND4 ® Painting in My Home!     aHAND2 ™ Move!

3. Or "Join Us! in our effort to INNOVATE NATION-WIDE and INCREASE QUALITY AFFORDABLE HOUSING STOCK!. aHAND4 Safe Havens! ® Developing designs, and housing in Communities specifically to the needs of PSPD! In perpetuity! Investors, Owners and Management alike, help us Research, Plan and Build in YOUR Community! Satisfaction! "Living Legacy!". "Join Us!"

4. Receive Quality, Professional Recognition nation-wide! - Website, Literature and Events!

5. Or Join our SELECT group of Professional Advisors! Help in a greater, more direct way! Interact with the President, Chairman, Executive Staff and Directors! Increased Recognition via hotlinks (in PDF and on Web) to your Professional site - all our Promo Literature, including Letterhead! Nation-wide!

The Professional Membership Lifecycle!

Consider growing your involvement to aHAND4 Life! ® Professional Advisor (Class G)! Your expertise is valued, our Recognition increases! OR NOMINATE A COLLEAGUE!

Or consider working to become Elected aHAND4 Life! ® Director (Class E)! Leadership is priceless. We appreciate yours! OR NOMINATE A COLLEAGUE!

Continue your Support, and/or Participation, until you wish to let others take the lead! Till then, help us help those in need, with OUR abilities and voices!

* aHAND4 Life! ® Articles, Bylaws, and Polices apply. Please review all links on this page and below.

Many things are Possible!

...with TEAMWORK!



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... in AGREEMENT, we'll accomplish MUCH!
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