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Our Directors!

* Seeking Members for Immediate Director positions! *

* Please see OPEN (in red) Director Classes below (qualified Candidates Only)! *

  • aH4L! DIRECTORS - Character, Capability, Compassion, Service!
    YOU are a Distinguished Group!

You are Leaders, ALL - and well appreciated!     From all walks of life, yet united by TWO common threads - 1) capability and good interest in representing a particular Class of Membership for the Operation of the Organization, under the leadership of the Chairman; AND 2) compassion to make a difference with a bit of your time and financial support, to help the lives of the People we Serve!

We work to enhance your already valued State and National Recognition - as our Director!
We will honor you wherever possible - Special Events and Fundraisers - our Website and Social Media sites - our printed Letterhead and Literature!   with "hotlinks" to drive traffic to your selected professional link/site (e.g. webpage, LinkedIn, etc.) It is our way of saying "Thank you for your ongoing, diligent and valued Service and Support!"

  • Join us in a "Thank you!". SELECT a Photo for a synopsis!

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