aH4L! - Ways to DONATE!

Ways to DONATE!


Edward W. LeMahieu

aHAND4 Life! President, Chairman, Secretary,
CFO, Founder, Honored Parent!

"Feel" the giving of aH4L!

When you give, whether now or in the future, we know that you will feel a rich reward, in proportion to your giving. Many have, including us at aHAND4 ® Life!

Why Donate?


... that is, our Charitable Beneficiaries NEED your help!

... and aHAND4 ® Life! CANNOT do it without you!

We are FOREMOST a US Public Charity (501c3 "tax-exempt") - by DEFINITION our primary "products" are the Publically Supported Services we provide to the Great Need! mentioned above need.

So we are HIGHLY, VIRTUALLY dependent on the public's support to succeed!




aHAND4 ® Life! Programs WORK, where others fall short!

Why is this true? Many possible reasons. But here's what we THINK:

  • We are EXPERT at what we do - decades of experience to bear on "living" problems.

  • Each Member has "skin in the game", with Annual Membership/Clientship, and "YOUR Life! Plan"

  • We expect accountability, and in exchange offer the Public's increased benefits ("THINGS!")

  • We use our integrated, prioritized "total-life" approach -
    aHAND4 ® 1-CARE!     2-LEGAL!     3-FINANCES!     4-HOMES!     5-THINGS!

  • We utlize our unique "5-colors of Influence"™ in all aspects of our Members' and Clients' lives!

  • And in that, "The 5 C's! ™" approach is novel, to self-sufficiency and happiness!

  • And in that also, its because our Members and Clients know we will be here - 4Life!™

  • And quite possibly, because we work harder and care more than most groups SPECIFICALLY about people who have a chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development (PSPD)!


    • On behalf of our Members & Clients, WE THANK YOU in advance!