aH4L! - The Need is Great!

The Need is GREAT!

Our Focus!

Physical Developmental Disabilities !

There are numerous "Developmental Disabilities" young people may become afflicted with, and then have to live with "for life".


Our Viewpoint & Position!

aHAND4 ® Life! serves VIP!s (Members and Clients) who meet specific Qualifications. Such are outlined below, and represent a "conglomeration" of Requirements stated nationally, and in each State where the VIP! lives, and where funding for Services is derived from. Final determinations are made with any State funding Entities, and the aH4L! Member/Client Service Committee.

aHAND4 ® Life!, by our Policies, works diligently supporting State and Federal policies and to avoid “building dependency”. With any required stakeholders, we objectively, professionally assess a Member/Client's, and upon mutual agreement to provide Services, we develop and implement effective Solutions to specific Needs, then taper over time, and Terminate such Services wherever possible.

In regard to the aforementioned aHAND4 ® Life!'s Mission is clear, and long-term minded - based on decades of experience of our Founder with a "VIP!" and his Graduate level study in neuroscience, and Professional observations of himself and other aH4L! Staff, Directors and Advisors. VIP!s most typically require SUBSTANTIAL SUPPORT due to their grave, non-ameliorating conditions - no matter how much “Technology”, “Service/Support” or “Training” is provided/invested "up front”. Such is typically long-term, though, as a class, VIP! life expectancy unfortunately is significantly shorter than "healthy" people. So we intend to support our VIP!s as our Resources permit. Typically we find that is from initial levels of "unmett need", to a somewhat lower, "steady-state"/"baseline" level of support, and then “As NEEDED… 4Life!”. We note, we mean in a duplicity here, “for Life! and Living!” – for standard daily activities of living - but also based on objective physical (Medical) and Sociologic historical, statistical scientific data.

Our Outlook!

To address the above "tension" that exists with regard to funding Services, which we consider a long-term, "systemic" issue, we, within our permissions of our 501c3 ("Public Charity") status, will be working with Institutions such as Universities and Hospitals and Clinics in the Field of "Palliative Care" - even Legislatures. We hope to be an influential participant on the "Social side" of the Team, with other Professionals as “Medical" and "Industry", in a multidisciplinary approach to developing "long-term" funding solutions with effective outcomes for "VIP!'s", in perpetuity. aHAND4 ® Life! expects multiple, well-controlled, scientific studies will be conducted, and will ultimately improve the "state-of-the-art" in the Industry, toward the ultimate goal which is improved Quality and Effectiveness in the routine life of "VIP!'s" who are capable and responsible to live semi-independently in "supported living" environments, "in pursuit of happiness" with their "Life and Liberty"!

Key Definitions (A)

US Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) Standards!

We firstly review Serviceship against HHS Standards, to assure broad, general compliance.

STATE Definitions (A)

This page will expand with links to Criteria applicable in each State we begin aH4L! Services. The State of CA is listed here because we were formed in CA, and such is the first State we will be working as qualified "Vendor".

CA Dept. of Developmental Services (DDS) Standards!

We firstly review Serviceship against HHS Standards, to assure broad, general compliance.


US Social Security Administration Leadership!

aHAND4 ® Life! bases its charitable Membership & Client medical qualifications primarily on those defined by the US Social Security Administration's Supplement Security Income (SSI) Impairment classifications, (Part A (adult) and some Part B (children),

We also utilize US SSI's "income limits" for our PSPD Membership financial criteria.

Please see the links below for our common significant physical disability categories.

"Reducing the Burden on Government"

Bringing greater "Accountability!" over charitable giving

In delivery of our Programs, we promise the Public, by unanimous vote of our Directors, TWO things: 1)Best-in-Class Operating Efficiency on donations of a self-imposed 85%; AND 2)Member/ Client Accountability - "skin in the game" - "commitment" - "ethics" - our unique, long-term VISUAL oversight of donated Things!

The RESULT IS: 1) increased Public confidence and giving, 2) a low cost of fundraising, 3) thus REDUCED Burden on Government, 4) Greater REACH to people in need, AND 5) improved "Total Quality of Care!"

Edward W. LeMahieu

aHAND4 Life! President, Chairman, Secretary,
CFO, Founder, Honored Parent!

With YOU, the Public, WE ARE:


aHAND4 Life! Leadership!

aHAND4 Life! adds to the following disability criteria to the US HHS ACL and SSA SSI Definitions, to match our core competencies, for effectiveness. We will modify our criteria and approach as necessary to grow in Service of our target demographic, across the nation, in compliance with our Articles & and Mission, in a broad, effective manner.*

Edward W. LeMahieu

aHAND4 Life! President, Chairman, Secretary,
CFO, Founder, Honored Parent!

  • Certified (Specialist Physician) Development Disability (US SSI criteria)
  • Certified (Psychologist) no mental/emotional/behavioral illness (disease/disorder)
  • Certified (Psychologist) normal/near-normal IQ (>65)
  • 2. AGES
  • Age X (school age K or 1st typ.) to Age Y (must leave home/apt for care facility)
  • Members: US SSI Income only ("Poverty Line" - 2014: $11K single/ $22K married)
  • Clients: No Income Limit - Service(s) each by mutually negotiated (low) Fees
  • "Controlled", "Stable" home Facility (house, apt, or condo) secured by Member/Client and/or Parent/Guardian/Conservator
  • "Controlled", "Stable" "Head-of-Household" by Member/Client (or w/ formally paid Caregiver(s)) or by Parent/Guardian/Conservator
  • Demonstrated (aH4L! or Social Agency) Temp /Perm need for a aH4L! Program(s).
  • Agreement to live according to mutual Membership or Clientship Agreement
  • Agreement to live with Responsibility & Accountability as "good neighbors")

DEEP within Our Mission IS:

... a call for us to help avoid "Amputated" spirits! For our PSPD Members & Clients aHAND4 ® Life! IS:


(A) + (B) + (C)

aHAND4 ® Life's! simultaneous application of Key Definitions A, B and C looks like this, our most populous categories of People with a qualified chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to "Development" (PSPD)!**


Help us REACH & SERVE the significant number of people in the US who are socially and emotionally normal, yet have significant independent living needs - often financial - due to their chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development(PSPD)! All are such special people that we love - with life hard enough. Let's assist their living as good neighbors, working toward self-reliance, and help them to "thrive", not "subsist", "in pursuit of their happiness", like the rest of us. Anything less is simply not acceptable. aHAND4 Life! implements key success-factors in comprehensive, innovative, integrated Programs! Join Us!

Edward W. LeMahieu

aHAND4 Life! President, Chairman, Secretary,
CFO, Founder, Honored Parent!

* Please NOTE: 1) above are as qualified per our Policies (summarized below), 2) is based on 2010 U.S and California Census information, respectively, and 3) related sources as US SSA/SSI (Part A & B) data, and 4) in comparison with aH4L! Charitable Service offerings. Please also see our Key Definitions page for further US Social Security SSI, US Administration on Community Living (ACL), and Medline, "industry" definitions of "developmental" which aHAND4 Life! ascribes to.

** Other than the 1st Photo (left, significant neuro-muscular disability of our Founding Ambassador, Brett E. LeMahieu), photos presented in various places throughout our website, and in our promotional literature, are disability models and not actual aH4L! Members, for privacy purposes.