aHAND4 Life! - Our Approach!

Our Approach!

aHAND4 ® Life! has developed and is implementing a solid approach to Service and growth by the Organization. We are based on 1) solid Corporate Values and Beginning; 2) developed and are governed by unique Articles of Incorporation; 3) are based on and are deploying a solid Vision and Mission; 4) are based on Key Definitions and have a solid Public Charity Focus; 5) utilize Novel Methods and Technologies; and 6) utilize solid Planning and effective controls in our Operation.


Solid Beginnings & Values!

Foremost, aHAND4 ® Life! is based on solid Corporate Values and Beginnings! We are highly experienced in improving care and well-being of people with chronic, significant physical disabilities due to development or accident, for semi-independent "supported living".

Solid Articles & Governance!

aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks motived parents, guardians, and/or conservators of persons with a qualified significant physical disability, interested in supporting us, and if elected Director, furthering our mission.

Solid Definitions & Focus!

aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks home caregivers of a person with a qualified significant physical disability, interested in supporting us, or if elected Director, furthering our mission - and if in charitable need, for limited benefits of EDUCATION!, TRAINING!, FINANCES!.

Novel Methods!

aHAND4 ® Life! also seeks successful professionals, any in our long list of qualified professionals, with advanced vocational or educational training, as engineers, nurses, lawyers, builders, plumbers, electricians, teachers, etc, with interest in furthering our mission.

Member or Client Engagement Process!



Firstly, please select the "Read More..." above to learn the requirements for each membership class, to assure you meet one or another, or select the most fitting membership for you.

and Submit

Select a membership class best for you. If you meet the requirements, begin gathering the stated information, complete our online application, and submit. We confirm receipt of applications by email and letter.

Review &

Within three (3) business weeks (15 days), typically, we reply with our decision. We notify prospects again by email and letter. If approved, we will provide the "Next Steps" - membership payment and beginning membership.


Approved applicants then begin membership upon annual membership payment. A membership certificate is mailed. Eligible PSPD and Caregiver members are contacted to schedule a first televideo conference, for "YOUR Life Plan!" and Program participation.